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Checklist for BW upgrade from 7.0 to 7.3

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Hello Sir,

Can you please let me know the steps to be carried for upgrading BW7.0 to BW7.3, more specific to a BW developers (with OSS Notes to check at, etc....).

Thanks in advance,


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check all the links inside the thread..

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I am looking for a check list as developer to perform my activities.


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Hi saleem,

Normal check list for a general BW upgrade will be as given below.


Creation of Infopackage

Execution of infopackage with filters(Dynamic and static) and without filters.

Modify an existing infopackage

Data Extraction from LO data sources(Full, Delta, Repair Full, Init,repeat delta)

Data Extraction from Generic data sources(Full and delta)

2) Modelling

Creation and Execution of DTPwith filters(Dynamic and static) and without filters.

Modify an existing DTP.

Check for functioning of interactive DTP Code.

Functionalities of Semantic groups and various Update modes in DTP settings.

Creating of Error DTPs.

Delta Intialization in DTP

Check for functionality of start, end, and transformation routine. ( Mainly check the syntax errors in end routine )

Aggregation behaviour with and without start routine.

Update behaviour of end routine.

Over write and Additive functionality of transformation.

Delta functionality in DSO and change log entry creation.

Check Delta Consistency from Write Optimized DSO

DSO data load and activation of DSO data. (Both 3.5 flow and 7.0 flow)

Data mart loads (execution of DTP in 7.0 flow and u201Cfurther updateu201D for 3.5 flow).

Deletion data from DSO and Cube ( Selective, request based and full)

Delete and create index.

Cube Compression

Rollup of Aggregates

Request deletion in ODS/Cube

3) Process Chains

Run process chains for Master(with attribute change run)

Run process chain for transaction loads which has a full flow i.e source sytem extraction to Aggregate roll up.

Check for Metachain execution

Remotely calling a process chain from a source system

Event based trigger of process chains

Deletion of PSA and Changelog using process chains

Deltion of contents using process chain

Execution of ABAP pgms using process chains

Functioning of decision making and interrupts in process chains.

4) Front End

Execution of report on Bex, Portal, RSRT

Customer exit variable

Virtual Characteristics/Key figures.

Text variables with replacement path.

Check for Formula variables.

Run time Unit and/or Currency conversions.

Hierarchy variables or Hierarchy.

Query execution using RRMX (IN BEX)

Creation of a work Book and refresh the work book.

All existing functionalities of work like copy sheet,Global and local variables

Excel version of queries.

Broadcasting a workbook and query

5) IP

Create, Change , activate an Aggregation Level,Filter, Planning sequence,Planning Function

Test the functionality of Planning Functions

Test the reason entry Functionality

6) Others

Creation and Execution of APD

Creation and execution of Open Hub

Data Archiving in Write Optimized DSO and Standard DSO

Run SE38 pgms

there are some BI7.3 specific documents as well.

check following links


Siva A