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Chart with Actuals for Current and Previous Year but Budget only for current year

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I have a chart requirement where i am supposed to show Actual Gross Profit Jan - Dec for current year vs budget vs previous year.

If i select previous year, the chart starts showing Budget for previous year as well, which is irrelevant.

In the attached image i would also liek to add a bar for actuals for previous year.


Can you please suggest a way to exclude Budget for previous year?

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Answers (4)

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Hi - I assume that it's an imported model and actuals and budget are in the same version

1) Create a restricted meaure to genereate the Sale LY

2) Bring Sales, Sales LY and Budget to the measures in the chart

3) Bring the time time dimension to the dimensions

4) Bring time dimension to the filters and filter on:

zsrv3.png(40.1 kB)

ui5cq.png(24.4 kB)

br René

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Hello Uzair,

you mentioned the data is in BW. Could you outline how the data is modeled in the BW Query ?

based on that we can quickly the steps.

In case you do have an Actual Date dimension in the BW query as well, then you should be able to simple define a filter for Current / Previous year.


Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

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Hi Uzair,

Import the data to SAC as different versions for actuals 2019, budget 2019 and the actuals for 2018 should be created as a third version, which can be a forecast. This will either involve overwriting the data you already uploaded or creating a new model, which ever turns out easiest.

I am assuming the possibility of creating an import data model.

Hope this helps.



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You would need a planning License for that

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Hi Rene

Thanks for your reply.

That is correct, Actual and Budget nos are in the same BW model.

But above does not solve my issue, as my model has Actual and Budget for both 2018 and 2019.

Even if i follow above, i get Budget for 2018, which i do not want to see.

I cannot exclude this by applying an advanced filter because then by Sales LY starts throwing an error saying 2 time restrictions are not allowed if i exclude time 2018 and Version Bgt.