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Chart is skipping null values in SAC

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capture-2.pngHello Folks

I have a chart (I have tried both bar and line charts) in which I show values for every day (Date dimension). But because some values between Nov 6 and Nov 16 are null it does not chart values (Null) for those days. I have tried creating a calculated measure (called new) in the story where I replace the null value with zero even then it does not chart those days. Any idea how I can make SAC chart zeros? The chart however charts zero values where the original value is zero as in the case of Nov 1st (see attached chart image). See the table and chart in the image.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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abdussamad.peeraI think you just need to enable the unbooked values for Date dimension in the chart.

I have no passengers in 2027 and 2028



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