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CHARM 7.2: Transports not possible after connecting additional domain

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Hallo all,

May be one of you can help me further:

I'm using CHARM on a Solution Manager system 7.2 SP08 to transport the transports over the ERP systems for a long time.

Whe use the normal "Phase Cycle" to transport the transports.

The ERP environment hes the following systems

DEV, QAS and PRD whre the DEV is the domain controler.

We added additional FIORI systems systems to our landscape and I added these systems to the existing CHARM environment.

To add the FIORI systems to the existing I added a domain link from the solution manager to the domain controller of the FIORI Domain controller.

During the distribution the CHARM RFC from and to the ERP systems got corrupted due incorrect passwords.

So I repaired these RFC connections.

I also deleted the FIORI systems again from the existing environment to get the old status back again. But in the Task list keeps empty.

But when I now look in the Task list of the different “Phase cycleses” I don’t see any transports to release.

Even When I create a new RFC and Change document and I add a new transport I’m not able to change the status of the change document from “In development” in to “To be tested”’ . After pressing the “Save” button the spinning wheel is showed but does not end.

After a long time I see that the TOC is created but not released on the DEV-ERP system.

It seems that the document status is corrupted.

How could I repair the document status?

What kind of information could I give to solve this issue?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn

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Answers (1)

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Hi Richard,

Please try SAP Note: 2754205 - ChaRM: Release ToC takes too long, no reset of status.

If this doesn't work please send logs of the issue.