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Changing Requested delivery date of Sales Order Automatically

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Hi Community,

I am looking for a solution to change delivery dates in sales orders automatically on a daily basis.

Currently, when we plan orders for next Planned GI date, certain Sales orders are left pending due to either credit block or stock constraint issues. For this we have to manually change delivery dates hence make these order available for planning in next PGI depending on availability of stock.

This is a tedious task to be done on daily basis and I am looking for a solution in SAP that can help me in getting this done automatically.

I have tried using BOP for this but it is only changing Planned GI dates but not Requested delivery dates.

Please support

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Not sure, if ths will easily works. Looks more, that you may need to create a custom program or script that updates the delivery date field in the Sales Order table, but not sure if this is supported, so this could be better explained by the right Consulting team I guess.

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Why would you expect to change the requested delivery date for BOP? BOP only updates the schedule because that is all that is necessary for rescheduling in the system.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @rashid791 

The below help documentation might be a good start:

User Exits for Planning Delivery Schedules | SAP Help Portal

Thanks & regards

Sanil Bhandari