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Change the “New Internal Link” browse dialog

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We are running SP2P27.

In a Roomtemplate we have created an iview which displays Internal and External links. When the user wants to maintain the link list, he clicks Edit and a new window is displayed.

Within this window we have modified the collection renderer so that the Collection Command Group only displays two items under “New”: Link and External Link.

The link command is triggering the command “new_internal_link_admin”

This command is displaying a dialog based on the “AdminSelector” layoutset.

The dialog holds the Target and Name input fields and a “Browse” button.

When clicking on “browse” the “select_single_item” command Is triggered which again displays the browse dialog based on the ConsumerSelector layoutset.

If you are still with here comes my issue:

I would like to be able to

1. set the root folder for the initial display to a room extension within the room

2. remove the Components “EntryPoints” from the dialog – without making a global change to the ConsumerSelector layoutset.

Any suggestions??


Hans Christian Ove

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Answers (2)

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Hi Hans,

Have you tried to duplicate this commmand, and modify its configuration in parameters field: rndLayoutSet=AdminSelector2 ?

You should duplicate AdminSelector this layout and modify it.


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The commad "new_internal_link_admin" calls hard coded command "select_single_item". It's possible to change this link by develop own class based on Java implementation class of command new_internal_link_admin and calls own "custom_select_single_item" command with own layout settings.

Hope it helps,

Best regards