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change the id server in a replication system

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I have to do a migration from solaris sparc to solaris intel, i have to migrate several replication servers and dataservers.

At the same time, I'm migrating from ASE 12.5.4 2K pages to ASE 15.7 4K pages.

1. Configuration A


I started with the following configuration :

ASE 12.5.4 servers ASESERVER_a and ASESERVER_b

(servers running on solaris sparc, with page size 2K)

REP 15.2 servers REPSERVER_a and REPSERVER_b

with a bi-directional route between REPSERVER_a and REP_SERVER_b.

REPSERVER_a manages databases from dataserver ASESERVER_a,

REPSERVER_b manages databases from dataserver ASESERVER_b.

I have bi-directional (through MSA) replication from ASESERVER_a to ASESERVER_b (and vice versa) :

ASESERVER_a    <--->    REPSERVER_a    <---->    REPSERVER_b    <----> ASESERVER_b

repserver REPSERVER_a is the ID Server.

2. Configuration B


Then I added a 3rd dataserver ASESERVER_c (ASE 15.7, 4K pages on Solaris Intel)

and replication server REPSERVER_c.

I added bi-directional routes to the other two repservers

and added bi-directional replication of the databases also to ASESERVER_c.

The configuration is completely symmetrical : each dataserver can become the active node and replicate to the other two (standby/passive) servers.

3. Configuration C


Dataserver ASESERVER_c is now the active server, ASESERVER_a and ASESERVER_b are standby servers.

I want to replace ASESERVER_a by a server which also runs on 15.7, solaris Intel, 4K pages.

in other words, I want to destroy ASESERVER_a, create a new server and synchronize the data via dump/loads from ASESERVER_c.

I also want to move REPSERVER_a to solaris intel.

The cleanest way would be to remove the replication to ASESERVER_a from the system and also remove REPSERVER_a, so that only b and c are left. Then I can add a new repserver on the correct platform, and rebuild replication to ASESERVER_a.

The only problem is that REPSERVER_a is the ID Server.

Is there a way to change the id server to REPSERVER_c ?

If not, the only alternative I see is to create a new repserver on solaris intel, copy content from REPSERVER_a to the new server and than restart the new server as REPSERVER_a. This adds also the difficulty of dealing with the stable queues.

Or do you see another solution ?



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Hello Mark,

Thanks for your answer.

You said:

NOTE: I'd suggest performing these steps before you configure the new ID repserver with any routes, database connections, repdefs, subscriptions, etc.

How would I have to add db connections, repdefs, etc since there already exist replica's of these definitions in my non-id-repservers ? I guess that recreating them with the normal repserver commands will result in errors.

I will consider rebuilding the system from scratch since that's the safest way. Problem is that there are lots of connections, repdefs, subs,  dbrepdefs en dbsubs and that the maintenance window that I have is limited to minutes. That 's why I was looking for alternatives.

Best Regards,


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