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change resulution

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Hello everyone ,

Does any one know how can I change the application to fit to user resolution screen ?

my app's developed in 768X1024 in original , if user works with 1280X1024 or more , it really gets hard to see , not to talk that in

wide screen it gets worst

working with 12.5 classic



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Answers (4)

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While you're at it you may also want to consider your users having multiple monitors in different resolutions and/or orientations and test for these scenarios.

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Using 12.5.2 Classic this is how I handle the screen resolution (probably not the best way, but it works for us):

Environment lenv_obj

Long li_screenheight, li_screenwidth, li_x, li_y

GetEnvironment (lenv_obj)

// Determine current screen resolution and validate

li_screenheight = PixelsToUnits (lenv_obj.screenheight, YPixelsToUnits!)

li_screenwidth = PixelsToUnits (lenv_obj.screenwidth, XPixelsToUnits!)

If Not (li_screenheight > 0) or Not (li_screenwidth > 0) Then


End If

// Get center points

If li_screenwidth > This.Width Then

  li_x = (li_screenwidth / 2) - (This.Width / 2)

End If

If li_screenheight > This.Height Then

  li_y = (li_screenheight / 2) - (This.Height / 2)

End If

// Center window

This.Move (li_x, li_y)

We use that to center the application on the screen. but it can be modified to do whatever you want really.

This is called for every open() event on a window.

You can then go and perform any necessary manipulations required using the li_screenheight/width (the width/height of the monitor (screen resolution) and the This.Width/This.Height (the width and height of the application window.

Rather than using it to find the center of the screen you could do something like This.width = li_screenwidth and This.Height = li_screenheight to make your application window full screen.You will probably then have to also set your datawindows to match the same numbers, but with some kind of offset (to create a gap between the application window and the datawindow)

If it looks small, as suggested by Lars, you may also need to zoom the datawindow to make it more readable.

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This will only work for one screen. If you have 2 or more monitors, you have to use some API functions (EnumDisplayMonitors) to get the geometry and dimensions of the monitors.

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Any chance of moving to PB.Net? WPF makes screen resolution almost irrelevant.

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dw_1.Modify ( 'datawindow.zoom=120' )