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change request status automaticaly

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Hi experts,

I need to change QM status of request from red to green automatically if file does not exist in the server. Because I'm extracting data from flat file to ODS and then infocube. And infopackage identifies the file name considering sys. date. However sometimes our client don't upload data to our server.

Thank you ver much.

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Answers (2)

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Hello Alkan,

Try following scenario.

CReate separated process chain for the requirement.

Put the code in the the process chain abap program variant ...


dsn(20) TYPE C VALUE '/usr/test.dat',

rec(80) TYPE C.


IF sy-subrc <> 0.

MESSAGE ID 'SU' TYPE 'X' NUMBER '004' WITH 'File not Found'.


After abap program node create node for execute infopackage.

So once system will not find any file it will terminate the background job.



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Why don't you create a Process chain to do this load automatically (instead of manually doing the load). With a process chain, you can add logic to load other data targets in your data flow if an InfoPackage fails (load on success, load always, load on failure).

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Hi Brendon,

Infact i'm using process chain for monitor daily updates. But my problem is that,

I'm getting file name automatically considering sydate into p_filename. However sometimes file does not exist in the server because of some reasons (ftp prblems, client dont send files...)

So sy-subrc getting 8 value and request is failing and QM status is being red.

I'm thinking there is two way to solve this.

- Change req. QM status red to green or,

- Delete failede req. from ODS

But i dont know this solutions how effect delta logic ( after ODS I have Cube) and I dont know how can I change QM status or delete req. from infoporvider?

Thank You


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I hope your files are picked from appl server. Now to solve your problem you can write an ABAP program which checks for the file availability and if available will run the process chain else will stop till it gets the file in appl server. You can include the ABAP program in the process chain.

Hope this helps you......