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change pointer activation

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how to activate change pointer by start date condition and not creation?

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The report RBDCPCLR deletes processed and/or obsolete change pointers.


This report deletes change pointer entries from the database tables. In Test mode, only a list of the selected entries is output. Entries are only physically deleted from the database when the test flag is not set.

You can select obsolete and/or processed change pointers, or select by date and time.

· Obsolete change pointers are those created before a specified date and time. If this flag is set, the obsolete change pointers are reorganized, whether or not they have already been processed.

· Processed change pointers are those which were processed within a specified period (date and time). If this flag is set, the processed change pointers are reorganized.

The report outputs the number of change pointers deleted, or, in test mode, selected.


1. Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Services ® Change Pointers ® Reorganize (BD22).

2. Select Test if you only want to display the selection result.

3. Specify a message type.

4. Specify whether you want to reorganize obsolete and/or processed change pointers, and run the report.

5. As this report should run periodically, schedule a job (see Periodic Tasks in URL under 'Reorganizing Change Pointers '