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Change path /sap/its and /scripts/wgate??

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Is it possible to change the path of an ITS instance on IIS so that the paths are not

/sap/its... and /scripts/wgate...

i.e. so it's /sap2/its... and /scripts2/wgate I have one instance using port 8080 using the default paths but I wonder if it's possible to customise another instance running on a different port to use different paths?

Please if you could help me I'd be grateful.



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Yes Jenny,

this is very good possible. (with a remark to the mimes path)

First of all must know that:

1) the scriptpath "/scripts/wgate" is a logical path; i.e. it is used to make the wgate trigger on this prefix and all runtime URL's are generated according to this prefix.

2) the mimes path is a physical path; i.e. the mimes are copied to your webserver docroot, thereby the sequence "/sap/its/mimes" cannot be changed since the ITS relies on that structure.

Actually you do not have to change anything since by putting an ITS instance on another port you already did a logical separation of the two instances. When the virtual hosts 80 and 8080 do not share the same docroot then also the mimes reside on both docroots.

But you can change the scriptpath freely, please use "wgate-config" (note 720480); changes will appear in the "ScriptPath" line(s) in ItsRegistryWGATE.xml. E.g. you could set one instance to trigger on:


and the other one on:


You can only extend (prefix) the mimes path, say "/jenny/sap/its/mimes/.." but be carefull since it can make your ITS instable and there is no need to do so if each virtual host in the webserver has its own docroot. But if you realy want to extend/change it then search for notes on "~urlmime".



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Thankyou for you very fast reply! I'll give it a try this comming week and let you know how I go.

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Worked great, wgate-config tool helped set up script path.

Although there is not much information out there on using the "~urlmime" even in sap documentation it is pretty self explanatory.

I put in /path/sap/its/mimes then created a virtual directory in IIS called path and created a "path" directory under wwwroot then moved the sap/its/mimes... directory structure to sit under it. I then pointed the virtual directory to this directory and it works great.

Thanks again.