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Change Management : pass to test a Change Document

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Dear all,

i have created a new Landscape in the system and inside created a Change cycle, changed its status to Hypercare to manage Changes and assign Request for changes (Fix pace),

when i do so, all is good, i can create the change document and create Transport requests, communicate the TR to a developer and he can use it to save his changes,

but when the work is done and we try to pass to test through Focused Build, it doen't work and the status resets back, and the only issue that i can think of is the "WI Classification" that is empty when i check it in CRM, and i can't find any value to select.

can someone help and tell me how can i configure the system to get all the values in the WI Classification dropdown list?

i have another Release in Prepare phase and the WI Classification list contains all the values (WRICEF, Fit, Gap...).

thanks in advance.

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