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Change IDoc control parameters dynamically based on certain conditions

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Hello Team,

Need help in one scenario can we have two inbound parameters at partner type level at WE20 T-Code for same message type. Of one partner profile.

For one - for single record

Message type - MATAMAS

MESSAGE Variant- MA1

IDOC - Send Immideatly

For Multiple- For Multiple record

Message Type - MATMAS

MESSAGE Varient - MA2

IDOC -. Collect IDOC

Then my question is how we can control the IDOC Control parameters dynamically based on certain conditions.



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Did you try to do it in WE20? You'd see that it's possible and you wouldn't need to ask.

For the second question, it depends on your exact scenario which is generating the IDoc. Although I think it's best to code it in a dedicated user exit where you can use the specific context of the concerned business object, for your information there's a very general user exit to adjust the control record of any type of IDoc: EXIT_SAPLEDI1_001 (you may look for information about it in the Web)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello riyaj309

You can use the BADI_MATMAS_ALE_CR enhancement to update both MATMAS IDoc control record and data segments. The BAdI is called when an IDoc is fully built, just before distribution.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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