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Change headers for an HTML5 application served from SCP Neo

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Hi Experts,

We have developed an HTML5 application which is hosted in SCP Neo and want to restrict some standard headers which are automatically sent by the dispatcher. For example the following two headers,

  • keep-alive
  • server

We want to remove these two headers (or atleast remove the values). Following the documentation also didn't help as we cannot override the headers coming from back-end.

Is there any way to tell the dispatcher not to send these headers (or send blank values)?


Saurabh Agarwal

Active Contributor
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Can you share the reason why this headers should be removed or the values sent blank?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi sagarwal88,

I didn't quite understand it because you didn't specify which request (to/from) in your question. I'm going to assume your HTML5 application needs to send a request to an on-premise system. And it does so by requesting a Destination that will use the Cloud Connector to reach your on-premise system. However, the on-premise system is load-balanced by a SAP Web Dispatcher - so, that's the host you are configuring in the Cloud Connector.

If this is correct, the only thing you have to worry about regarding your html5 application in SCP is white-listing the header variables you *need* to be forwarded to the back-end and not not other way around:

If you need to perform more control over the headers in the SAP Web Dispatcher, then here is the documentation on how to do it:

However, I suspect that you have something else in your mind while trying to change keep-alive and server variables. If so, please state your real requirement - as it might be that you need to configure something else rather than fumbling with such variables.

If you are not using SAP Web Dispatcher or SAP Cloud Connector, please clarify how you have setup your infraestructure to consume the services in your HTML5 application.

Best regards,

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