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Change dynamically the text of a button in a user decision task

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Hello Forum,

we are implementing a PO release strategy workflow.

here is the scenario:

we would like the validator to receive a decision task with 2 DYNAMIC buttons.

I know that in SWDD you can define Static Decision Texts like "YES" or "NO", but i would like something like "YES TO SPEND $100" and "NO TO SPEND $100" , with the amount coming dynamically from the PO that is currently under validation.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


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Can't you just add the "dynamic" text into the work item description (which would be easy and quite "standard" way of doing things? Or even add the text to the work item title? For example, "Is it ok to spend $100?". And the buttons are just YES and NO.

Just to keep things simple. At least I never had a need to have dynamic text in the buttons itself. I don't know if it is possible either.