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Change appearance of a basic component

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I was wondeirng if anyone knows how to achieve the following:

Right at the top of my dashboard, I have a radio button group with three options.

All values in my dashboard are dependent on the setting of this filter.

As this is a very important filter, I would like to make the font bigger and display the values in a bright colour.

I can't find options to change the appearance of an individual control though.

Is this at all possible, or can I only configure the text properties of the basic component 'Text' - as this has the CSS stylesheet property?

Thanks for your suggestions,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Jan,

Design studio 1.1 is GA today and it provides you with CSS style editor to modify the appearance of any components as you wish to do. For Ex: If you want to change background color of your component you can enter background: RGB (183,255,255)

Please find below tutorial link where this is explained in detail.

Ofcourse, you can leverage it only after you upgrade to 1.1



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1.1 is bringing more feature to customize componenets in Q2.