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CDS-views / entities and Media-Type (File-Exchange)

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Dear Experts,

I'm struggling around with CDS-views / entities in combination with media types.

Like in ODataV2 I want to generate a MediaType for file exchange (*.CSV-files) in ODataV4. Due the recommondation of SAP for ODataV4, I use CDS-views and Eclipse to create the new ODataV4 service and not the previous known SEGW, which was used for ODataV2.

First I tried a custom entity, because the file which I want to exchange (both directions are required --> read and send ) isn't stored in any db (it's generated at read-request / analysed at send-request). The read-request could be successfully implemented, but the write request wasn't possible due custom entities only allowed read-requests.

Second I tried a default view entity with an unmanaged behaviour definition. But it didn't work either.

So my question is, how can I implement a media-entity with CDS-views in ODataV4.

With kind regards,


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