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CDS View's oData service error

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Hi everybody,

My CDS View was successfully activated with these annotations:


@Analytics.query: true

@OData.publish: true

Then when i go the the Gateway, i can not add the service: Only queries with an easy query layout are supported by this version (!!)

Have you ever faced such an issue?

Many thanks,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I came across this blog before i posted my question.

Not only a measure was required, but the problem was also this annotation: @Analytics.query: true

I took it out, and the service was generated correctly.

Then i had another problem with vocabulary annotations. I solved it this way (from


1.Log on to the backend system

2.Execute transaction/iwbep/reg_vocan


4.EnterAnnotation Model Name

5.Enter/SSB/CL_SSB_RUNTIME_APC_EXTas theAnnotation Model Provide Class

6.EnterDescriptionand chooseContinue

7.ChooseAdd Assignmentfor the newly createdAnnotation Model Name

8.Enter theTechnical Service Nameand chooseContinue

9.In the frontend server, execute transaction/iwfnd/maint_service

10.Create a service registration for the newly createdAnnotation Model Name

11.Load metadata for the selected service


Thanks for your reply.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Check here. Point 6. You may require to define a Measure in your CDS view.