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cds.deploy to sqlite fails when fiori.draft.enabled is active

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i annotated a localized entity with @fiori.draft.enabled;

i created an csv-file for translations _text for translation data including the required ID_texts column.

hana db deployment works great.

I also created automated tests on cds level. Therefore i needed to start the server via:

before(async () => {

await cds.deploy(__dirname + '../../srv/database').to('sqlite')

srv = await cds.serve('database')

.from(__dirname + '../../srv/database')

but during this process this error occures:

SQLITE_ERROR: table db_Types_texts has no column named ID_texts in:

INSERT INTO db_Types_texts ( ID_texts, TypeCode, locale, name, descr ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )

if i do remove the ID_texts from my csv it works again. But then hana deployment fails.

I am open for ideas 🙂

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