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CCMS config to trigger email on ABAP dump

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I am trying to configure system so that whenever there is an ABAP dump it triggers an email.

For test purposes I have developed a ABAP program which does division by 0 and hence generates dump every time executed.

SMTP configuration is working perfectly fine.

But the system is not generating an email. Below are the steps which I have done for the configuration:

Step 1:

I copied CCMS_OnAlert_Email to a zmethod. In the parameters of this method I have following:

SENDER: User ID in client 000 with a valid email in this user id (in SU01)

RECIPIENT: An external email add


Method to be executed is Function Module: SALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT


In transaction RZ20 I go to following node: CCMS monitor sets -> SAP CCMS Monitor Templates -> System Errors

Under System Errors I expand the node: Abap Shortdumps

Under Abap Shortdumps the I see an entry for this system (development system in which I am trying to configure this).

In the properties of this system in the auto reaction method I have the above zmethod which I created. In the analysis method it has CCMS_ABAP_SNAP_ANALYSE.

Step 3:

Job SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP is configured to run every 30 mins.

Please advice me if I am missing any config steps or any more points to look for.



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I think all the points are correct that you have specified.

Please follow this note for more information

Note 176492 - Automatic email when an alert occurs (RZ20)


Also you can try out these notes