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CCLM - Deletion transport to decommission

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Hi Team,

I trying to understand the Deletion phase of CCLM.

- I have the Custom Object list ready to be decommissioned ( wait period is over and analysis is completed)

- I understand to create a Backup transport of these objects.

Can some one help this qs

"Deletion Transport should now be generated"

Will Delete transport be generated Manually or CCLM will generate it and it can be found in Dev System? and then we have to run it across the landscape for decommissioning?

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Thank you Vignesh for helping me out there.

I have another qs if you may help.

I have selected a report and set as Identified and Waiting and its ready for Decommission state,

Next i have accessed this report, that was put in identified and Waiting status, through my statistical system. But i have not seen the Used status turned from Green to Red.

Waiting time period ends 9/1/2022, will it update once today's date pass?