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Case 1017765/2023 (P2) - Unable to upgrade user defined transformation during BODS Upgrade

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I'm facing trouble during the BODS upgrade to version 4.3 SP2 Patch3 and the issue is that the Base UserDefinedTransform is not responding on the upgraded repository.

I have tried several remediation like :

Importing only the trasnform

Retried everything from scratch

I have even tried to import only one job which has 'userdefinetransform' where the Python expression editor is used in generating a has key

BODS Local repository itself is not responding to Upgrade option when the repository has a usage of the Baseuserdefinedtransform

Can someone guide through a quick resolution

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Is anyone facing issue with BaseUserdefined transform in BODS of version 4.3 SP3 patch3 ?

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