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Career move into SAP HANA from Software QA

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I need some career guidance. I have BS (Geology/Agriculture) – 1998. MS in Computer Science - 2002 Texas A&M. I have been working in Software testing area (ETL (Informatica) Web Services, Message Q, and Functional Etc.) for the past 13 years; I am currently working as a Test Lead. I have reached a plateau in my current area. I am currently employed but I am not challenged enough and also there are not many opportunities in the software testing area if I were to lose my job and also wanted to keep up with the latest technologies to keep myself relevant. I have done SAP MM and, SD testing(6 Months) 6 years ago and also BW / BEX development (6 Months) work 8 years ago.

I have taken the below web based courses

BW 7.4 on HANA (60 Hours)

HANA Modelling on HANA SP 9 (60 Hours)

Reporting Tools (Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Analysis Office, Dashboards, BEx, Web Intelligence, Analysis Office) (60 Hours)

I have completed my certification on HANA C_HANAIMP151 Aug 2016. Have completed the BW and HANA projects that have been presented as a part of the training and certification materials

My goal is to find an opportunity as a HANA modeler. Over the next couple of months I want to go through all the materials from BW and BW on HANA and HANA and try to find a break in HANA.

I am not keen on Project Management / Scrum Master or do not have an interest to move up as QA Manager. I am willing to take couple of steps down and take a pay cut for some years. SAP has always been my passion but always held back as I was not 100 % motivated or was complacent. I also understand that most of the SAP jobs will be short term and that there might be couple of months where I might be without a job. I am willing to give in all my time and resources to get into SAP. Just need to know the right area that I need to get into.

I do see couple of Job openings for folks that are new to HANA on the Job Portals.

Advice that I need from the mentors out there

1) Am I on right track in trying to look for a career as a SAP HANA Consultant / Modeler, if not what would you propose?

2) What other courses should I take / brush up before I start my job search (S/4 HANA, Lumira, HANA Vora, FIORI)?

3) Should I change my strategy and try to do something else in SAP.



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First off,I think it's great you're willing to do a substantial Re-Vamp of your career after many years ... That in itself is not easy.

I'm more 'interested in' the SAP-HANA world than 'well-versed' in it for now, but I do think you are making some good choices here. Obviously HANA is the future, and you've kept as close as you're current skills allow you, I suppose ...

Having a Certification in your portfolio, will certainly add to your credibility so that's very good.

BW/4HANA could provide the next segway into your 'BW on HANA' interests ...

Also your MM / SD functional knowledge would be usefull in linking your HANA-focus on to S/4HANA. A lot of potential Projects are bound to come up in upcoming years, as Companies transition from their classic ERP-systems ...

To support my claims, you could enroll freely in the following OpenSAP-courses :

These courses should give you some insight if you're initial ideas / wants allign with the reality.

I haven't seen any of the following 'buzz-words' in your inquiry, like : IOT, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud, ...

All of these topics are also served (with general introductions) on the OpenSAP Platform, so you might want to check that out.

Finally, I would think you either see yourself 'generalizing' on different HANA-related subjects / Business Functions OR you allign some of your current focus and 'transform' that to the HANA-world. I would suggest that having a (relevant) niche is always good (better?) as long as it alligns with your interest and keeps you happy and motivated.

Again, cudos to you for continueing learning / evolving, as this is relevant - even though not always easy - in this industry.

I hope you will find more good advice ...


Nic T.

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Thanks Nic T for your valuable comments. Over the next couple of months will be spending more time on the IOT, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud, AI, Big Data, Hadoop, along with S/4 HANA and BW 4 / NAHA. The Company where I work is actually also moving into cloud and any new projects that are upcoming are in the cloud area.