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Capture Adobe Form Userinput via a Button click from a main BSP page

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Hello All,

Iu2019m using Adobe Interactive form in BSP page. I developed this as per the description in blog u201CHow to Use Interactive Forms in BSP Applicationsu201D By Jeff Gebo

Hereu2019s my BSP High level view,

<htmlb:content u2026.>

<htmlb:page u2026.>




<iframe src="">

u201DControl returns Adobe Interactive Form in PDF format





Everything works fine if Iu2019m using placing my save button inside Adobe Interactive Form i.e. Iu2019m able to get User input in adobe form via XML and able to parse the input.

But my requirement is to fetch User Input present in Adobe Form on click of Save-button present in my main BSP page, ie via a button which is present outside Adobe interactive form.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?



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as I understand your description, you have your code in the view for displaying the form; however, your users do not want to see here a button Save, but in a "higher-level" view. Perhaps you should then trigger and event in your application using tag bsp:htmlbEvent for triggering a Javascript-based event, which you must catch in your controller class for the Adobe Form. There are examples in SDN for that.

Another way to solve your problem and depending on the structure of your BSP development is to declare one method in your controller class as event-handler, so that this one catches the event which is produced by pressing the button on your main page.

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Hello Jorge,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Your understanding is correct.

But the challenge here is to trigger such an event from Adobe form. More precisely when Iu2019m clicking HTMLB-SAVE-Button, it should trigger a Submit_EVENT in my Adobe Form.

If thatu2019s not possible any other work around to solve this issue is much appreciated.

Iu2019m unable to find any ways to read User Input from Adobe form, other than using the Submit event(via Button of submit type ) inside Adobe form.

Regards, Geogy