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Cannot train an example based taxonomy in trex

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Hi friends,

I have created an index in index administration.And attached a data source also.Then i create a new example based taxonomy and also i create folders for categories.Then in content management i go to taxonomy trainner.There is no choice of upload of document through which i can train the taxonomy.Is there a way through which i can upload the documents in the categories i have created.Also the training documents should be in what format(doc,ppt).Also if somebody have a document for Example based and query based taxonomy creation please send the link.

I am having EP6 sp15 and trex 6.1.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In example or query based taxonomy you have to upload the doccuments in the KM repository that is the data source whic is a folder in KM repository framework right click and then use <b>upload</b> the docs into it and in taxonomy you only create categories and manually train the taxonomy using query builder or trainer in Classification inbox .I will suggest you to go through the guides available in SERVICE market place and use HOW-To search term and then navigate to TREX to find the guides.Docs can be any format.

You can use an existing hierarchy in your CM to train your new taxonomy.

You can train a taxonomy automatically if you already have a folder hierarchy that you want to transport to a taxonomy.

Create the taxonomy in index management. This determines that you are going to train the taxonomy using an existing folder hierarchy. The system carries out the following steps:

It copies the specified folder and its entire subordinate folder hierarchy to a taxonomy structure. This creates a category for each folder.

The system then carries out the initial training of the taxonomy.

All documents in the folder hierarchy are also indexed. You can decide whether the folder that you are using to train the taxonomy is to be assigned to the index.

You train the taxonomies initially by classifying documents from your folder hierarchy.

This initial training is necessary so that the system can carry out automatic classification, or can make suggestions when manual classification takes place.

For the initial training, you classify documents from the folders in your knowledge management system. You do this is the iView in which you navigate within the folder hierarchy.

The necessary number of documents depends on the quality of the documents

hope this helpe you please do not forget to give points

with regards

subrato kundu

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Answers (1)

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I had done as you said but in index administration it is green but when i see in display queues it is red showing preparation failed 22 and to be transmited 5.What is the logic behind this as i am not getting it.

And secondly in taxonomy trainer i can see the folders(categories) but when i try to locate the document it says no match found even in advance option by specifing the full path name of the folder where it is residing.

In CM->taxonomies there is a folder along with other categories"Documents to classify".Here there is a complete list of documents of the repository which were supposed to be indexed.

Can you secify the steps to be followed in creating example based taxonomy.I have also gone through the steps in the couldn't solve the problem.