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Cannot open defined entity with a "/" in CDS Graphical Modeler

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Hi experts,

We are using tables /DSD/VC_VPH and /DSD/VC_VPP in our project. When defined as an entity in our CAP project, the cds file doesn't open in CDS graphical modeler due to the "/" in the entity name. Is there a different way to define and use these tables in CDS with special characters?. Please see error screenshot below:

Below is the entity definition:

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards,


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Hi Deepak,

if it works in CAP itself I would suggest you file an incident via SAP support so that the

Best Regards

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Hi Deepak,

Delimited identifiers in CDS model as described in is currently not supported by CDS Graphical Modeler. We'll see if we can support it in our future releases. I'll try to provide an update unpon progress.

Best regards,


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Thanks Xiao-fei for letting me know. will await for an update on this.

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