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Cannot download from scnsorry

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I cannot download NW from, as I have been instructed to do in an SAP publication.

I receive the (blank) screen

Shortly before that the system message at the bottom of the screen is "Auf https: ... rar wird gewartet".

I notice that my logon to in fact switches at once to http, that is my specification of httpS is not accepted.

I have been waiting for several days for a solution from "Please contact for further support" but have none.

I should be most grateful for a solution.

With kind regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lawn,

Please try clearing temp files and cookies from IE or other browser and turn offpop blocker from browser.

Then try to download the software. if you still gettting issue then check with different browser or other PC.

Make sure that you have proper network connectivity and allowed to download.

Hope it will helps



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Hi, I had already done all these things under IE8, including trying a new PC. I have now tried under Firefox/Mozilla and have exactly the same problem. Thank you anyway.

Edit: in another thread (Robert Burfoot) I learned that one might simply try and try again. I am doing this. I now have a much longer "Waiting on https: ... rar" wait time and a new error message "Unfortunately there was a technical issue completing your download request. Please try again later.".

Edit: I tried 10 times, in each case the screen message is "Please be patient, your download will start in a few seconds." Below that there is a rotating icon that does not rotate. At the bottom of the screen the system message is "Auf wird gewartet". This takes 4 minutes and then a new window opens with the above "technical issue" message. I am on a DSL line in Germany.

Update: I found this thread where it says:

"The new SAP NetWeaver 7.01 ABAP Trial Version is be available for download. The new Version will also run on Windows Vista. Please note that the SAP Management Console is included in the download package and should be installed first, if not already present on your system. The download page is available at:

The same download procedure as in earlier versions applies, download both archives, place it into the same folder and extract SAPNW7.01ABAPTrial.part1.rar only. "

but I have the same problem going to ..disclaimer.html, the same long wait and the same error message. I have a "technical issue" trying to reach ...disclaimer.html.

Is this an authorization problem? I am following SAP instructions and am just a simple member logged on to sdn.

Or are these URLs physically no longer reachable (...disclaimer.html and ...Trial.part1.rar) ?

Success: Thank you, SAP. This morning the download was available at once. The two files Trial.Part1.rar and Part2 each took around 40 minutes to download at 680 KB/s. In fact, I remember now that the download popup was offered once in my 10 trials above, but I didnt realise it, and could not reobtain it. So I did have one opportunity yesterday.

I wonder if the reason for my trials is not simply the fact that if several people are downloading at the same time, then that is a strain on the server?

Thank you once again.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks for encouragement received, and particularly to Robert Burfoot on another thread.

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I close this as follows:

1) as explained in thread I find that the version of AbapTrial named there does not function, even if one can download it.

2) the download from

functions sometimes, rarely, keep clicking ... go away ... come back and click some more ...

3) as explained in the above-quoted thread the solution seems to be to take the first-listed version at the above site called

.SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Developer Edition

This installation was immediately successful.

It took 6 to 7 hours on a Vista laptop running german language version of Windows 6.0 Build 6002 SP2.