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can we take objects from different tables in one block

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Hi Experts,

i have 3 tables that are joined like below i want the union records in one block.

Table 1



table 2






Table1 joined like Table1.AID=table2.BID and Table1.AID=table3.BID but there is no join between table 2 and table3 but i want to show all 3 objects those are(pname  from table1 and empname from table 2 and empname from table3 in one block)

i have cretaed 2 queries like Query 1: Pname,Empname and Query2:Pname,EmpDet and merged Pname object and created one detail object for query2.empname and added in one block but the results are showing blank for empname column

is that possible to add when there no join between tables,please let me know

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Answers (2)

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Hi Prasad,

How about using combined queries? If you care about just showing them in one table.

Create one data provider with 3 combined queries, each combined query should've the same number of objects, Objects with same datatype at each position and eventually, in the report the Object names from the first combined query will be shown. If you still want to show the actual object name from the Combined queries 2 and 3, check this blog, specifically the section "Dummy (label) objects in the universe to use in combined queries"

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Mahboob Mohammed

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include objects in query1 from Table 1 & Table 2.

include objects in query2 from Table 1 & Table 3. or try with including objects from Table 3 only.

Merge the main object from query1 & query2. drag both object in single table and you will get the matching records only.

Other option if you include objects from all three table in single query and try as already you have set the joins.