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Can TRs selected in sequence complete the import against the order?

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In a scenario when some transport requests need be imported in sequence and the first TR contains several objects with an older version of a particular object whereas a TR that follows later in the sequence contains a newer version of the same object but its a lighter one containing only that object,

if we select the TRs in order and import them together, Can the lighter TR which contains the newer version go first and later be overwritten by the first TR containing the older version ?

Also, in such a case, can the lighter TR which comes late in the sequence be completely imported before the first TR which is heavy?

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You don't have to worry about the fact that the new transport request is "lighter" than the one containing the old version of the object.

If in the queue they are in the correct order (first the request with the old version of the object, and later in the sequence the transport request that contains a newer version of the same object) and you perform and Import ALL (import all the transport requests of the queue together), once that the import finishes you will have in the system the new version of the object.

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Manuel Suarez.

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If you are talking about importing multiple transports at the same time it should keep the import order selected. If you have any doubts you can always create a TP script with the order of the transports or simply import the transports in the correct sequence manually.



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Hi Prateek,

In you case first import the TR which contains OLD Object versions and then import the next TR which contains NEW versions of the same object.


Srini Chapa.