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Can't pass BSP form field values

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Hi everyone,

I'm using ICWebClient and when i try to create a BP, i pass the parameters from the first page (BupaSearchB2B) to the second page (BupaCreate), the problem is that when i try to create the BP, the form_fields only have the values i inserted manually on the page BupaCreate, not the ones that came from BupaSearchB2B to BupaCreate.

How can i solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

João Anasta´cio

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do you use a formular submit to go to the Site BupaCreate?

If not you have to do it or create the link with javascript (but then you need a attribute for each form field) - so i would recommend the first approach.


<form name="test">

<input type="text" name="testfield">


<a href="javascript:send_fields();">submit</a>

1. Approach

function send_fields() {

document.test.action = "BupaCreate.htm";



now you can recieve the data in BupaCreate.htm from the request fields.

2. Approach

function send_fields() {

var testfield = document.test.testfield.value;

var url = "BupaCreate.htm?testfield=" + testfield;

location.href = url;


Regards Marcus