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Can't access SUM on port 4239 on AS Java 7.40

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Hi folks,

I'm banging my head on this. I have an AS Java 7.4 complete with SAP SSO2 installed on Linux. The AS JAVA is working fine and everything is good.

Now I need to import SP10 for IDM Federation - which is a normal SCA File.

As JSPM is no longer available, I went for SUM. I started SUM as user <sid>adm from directory /usr/sap/J74/SUM with STARTUP and it looks fine.

No I connect my browser to advised port 4239 and the bloody thing tells me this:

"The standalone Software Update Manager GUI is no longer supported. You have to use the browser-based SL Common GUI. For more information, see section SL Common Graphic User Interface of the SUM user guide"

What's that supposed to mean? I am on a browser - it's not even a local browser but port forwarded from my workstation.

So what's the issue here? Is there some other port I need to connect to?

The port 1128 (as advised in some other posting related to solman in scn) gives me an unstructured XML file 😞

Can anyone help me out?

Kind regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hi Christian,

SAP changed the ui. Now you can enter the sum by (for linux):

Start the Server:

root> cd <SUM-directory>

root> ./STARTUP confighostagent <SID>

Then enter the GUI:





For Dual Stack


Best regards

Willi Eimler

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BTW: the URL for Java will be something like

https://<Your hostname>:1129/lmsl/sumjava/<Your SID>/index.html

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You seem to use the latest SUM version (SP16) which is completely integrated into Host Agent.

You have to start it as root in the SUM directory:

./STARTUP confighostagent <Your SID>

The output of above command will give you an URL to connect to.

Make sure to configure SAP Host Agent to use SSL because above process will connect to the SSL port (1129) of the Host Agent.

An update of your Host Agent binaries might also be required.