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Can one use SAProuter to allow only SNC connections to a Netweaver ABAP system

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I understand that an SNC connection is not between a SAP GUI and a saprouter, but a 'pass-though' between the SAP GUI and the SAP servers.

My scenario is that a business unit is moving onto their own network They will still be using the SAP system but now from an external network. 

The proposed solution is to use a SAP router to grant the users who will be moving network access to SAP. We want to enable SNC for these users only as we do not have the time to update all of the existing users SAP GUI to use SNC. .

I have set up a test environment and I have SNC and the saprouter working as expected. 

external network  --> |  --> saprouter  --> |  --> sap servers

I there a way on the saprouter to only allow SNC connections? My other options are:

  • A saprouter on the network the users are moving to
  • New application servers dedicated to the users who are moving - then I can use profile parameters to only allow SNC connections on these new application servers

Any thoughts /  suggestions will be appreciated



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