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Can I replicate both directions between two HANA nodes?

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In light of SAP note 1681092, and it's support for multiple production HANA DB's on one system can I make a two DB solution on two scale up nodes where node A replicates DB1 to node B, and node B replicated DB2 to node A? So long as I ensure that memory limits are properly configured for each of the instances?

Like this:

HANA Appliance 1 HANA Appliance 2

PRD1 instance ------ HANA PRD1 replication --> Replicated PRD1

Replicated PRD2 <----- HANA PRD2 replication---- PRD2 instance

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Hi Mark,

Follow the link for more insight about every aspect of HANA Development work flow process.



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Thanks Pavan, but this is more of a question about HANA replication capability, not about SHINE.



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Not sure what exactly you are talking about.
And reading the previous replies I think others aren't sure either ...

So first let me repeat how I understood your question:
You have got two HANA appliances; let's call them nodeA and nodeB.
You have got two HANA databases; let's call them PRD1 and PRD2.
Now you want to set up system replication for both databases, on your two nodes.
Your preferred setup would be like this:

Primary site of PRD1 running on nodeA
Secondary site of PRD1 running on nodeB
Primary site of PRD2 running on nodeB
Secondary site of PRD2 running on nodeA

No problems with this setup.
We have been running this for months (oder perhaps years).


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Please refer to note 1999880 - FAQ: SAP HANA System Replication

13. Can multiple SAP HANA databases be replicated to the same target?
It is not possible to replicate different source SAP HANA databases into the same target SAP HANA database.
You can replicate different source SAP HANA databases into different target SAP HANA databases on the same target host. Make sure that the restrictions of SAP Note 1681092 are considered. This includes that all other SAP HANA databases have to be stopped on replication side as soon as one SAP HANA database takes over the productive role for a primary system