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Can I complete 1 report that can be used for 3 regions conditionally?

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I am using Crystal Reports 11.

I need to generate 3 reports based on cross-tabs according to different areas: region1, region2, and region3.

When the 3 reports are completed, clients can use online drop-down selection list to chose which report in terms of areas they want to look. For example, client A could look into the Region1 report; Client B might take a look at Region2...

Do I need to generate the 3 reports separately? Or could I use some things like parameters & groups to complete 1 report that can be used for 3 regions conditionally?

Thanks in advance.

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If the report in question is same as the post on which I replied a few minutes ago, then you can try this:

1) Create a parameter in the Main report. Go to Field Explorer and create a new Parameter.

Set the List of Values option to 'Dynamic' and choose the Region Field from under 'Value'

2) I'm assuming the Crosstabs are placed in the Sub-report. So, right-click the subreport and select 'Change Subreport Links' > Move the Main report parameter to the 'Fields to Link to' area and from the drop-down for 'Select data in subreport based on field' choose the Region Field.

This will automatically add the Main report parameter to the selection formula of the sub-report.

Hope this helps!


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Oh, my ...

You are genius.

Thank you so much!