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Can Gateway also be used to create REST-based services for non-SAP backend?

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I have a question about SAP Netweaver Gateway. I wonder if it is possible to create REST-based services for non SAP back end systems as well and if not, whether this will be in scope for SAP to enable in future releases?

At the moment I am pretty convinced that only REST-based services for SAP backend systems can be created. In all architecture pictures in Gateway related presentations I only see SAP Business Suite and SAP Business All-in-One connected to Gateway. Does this mean SAP Gateway can also not be used to create REST based services in case of SAP Business Objects, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP BPM and SAP Business One (yet)?

Suppose I would like to build a mobile app consuming data from 3 systems (SAP, SQLServer, Lotus Notes database), I think we need other tools to create REST-based services for data stored in SQLserver and Lotus Notes and consume them, next to the REST-based services created via Gateway in a preferred IDE. Am I right about that?

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Angelique Heutinck


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Gateway is for enabling SAP with RESTful services. It will not work with other systems.

I believe IBM already provides a REST API for Lotus Domino DB. (Not sure)

Interestingly, if you have a data model already, (say designed in Visual Studio), there is a tool in Gateway which can create a skeleton of development objects required.