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Can a Business Partner in the sender system correspond to more than one BP in the receiver system.?

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In my company we have a special scenario. We need to assign (create) two business partners of an MDG client system ( ECC system) to one business partner in the MDG hub system.

We are trying do it like the below example of scenario

Example: MDG

BP ID 10000001

Supplier ID 10000001

BP guid F567567FFFG57557HFH

and we are sending two messages (SOA communication) to the client system.

1st message, we are sending...:

BP ID 10000001 (same that MDG)

Supplier ID 12345 BP

guid F567567FFFG57557HFH (same that MDG)

So, one bp and one supplier are created:

BP ID: new id according the internal number range

Supplier ID: 12345 (external number range)

BP guid F567567FFFG57557HFH (same id as in MDG)

Second message, we are sending...:

BP ID 10000001 (same that MDG)

Supplier ID 56789

BP guid C6686L97979CD56H18 (new generated guid)

But, now, for the second message, the system is updating the bp and supplier created in the first message instead of to create a second bp and supplier

How Can I implement this requirement? Two bp and supplier in the receiver system for the same bp in MDG


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Answers (4)

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While sending data from MDG Hub to SAP S4 HANA 1709 client system , in generated XML sender business system is not appearing.payload.png

Help me in this context.

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I am afraid that you could only manually do this by editing the supplier BP in SRM side to link it to the backend supplier, but multiple in receiver to unique in source is not supported in standard.



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Hi Logan,

thank you for your answer.

We considered that option but the basic team said it's not posible create two business system, in the SLD, for the same ECC.

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Hi Jus,

check with creating two different business systems and key mapping. Replicate same bp to two different business systems( but with same ECC system settings Rfc etc..).

Thanks and Regards,