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Calling on-premise ODATA from SAP CAP

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Hello Folks,

I am calling on-premise ODATA in SAP CAP ( via destination) and got the issues while using filter on Edm.DateTimeOffset property

Following are steps I have done 

1 Imported the edmx via cds import

2 Created the wrapper Entity set in the SAP CAP service

3 In on handler call the function to read data

I tried following URL but got error


URL Issue
EntitySet?fitler=someProperty eq '00206566' and (startDate gt datetime 2021-11-25T00:00:00 and endDate lt datetime 2021-11-26T00:00:00 )Property 'datetime' does not exist in type
$filter=someProperty eq '00204966' and (startDate ge 2021-11-25T00:00:00 and endDate le 2021-11-25T00:00:00)The type 'Edm.DateTimeOffset' is not compatible to 'Edm.Date' 

In on-premise system following URL works perfectly

EntitySet?$filter=someProperty eq '00204966'and startDate ge datetime'2021-11-25T00:00:00' and endDate le datetime'2021-11-25T00:00:00' & $format=json

Kindly let me know 

Thanks in advance

P.S Please make a note that am using odata v4 in SAP CAP and on-premise ODATA is v2. Also data type of date field is Edm.Date with precision 7 in on-premise odata but it is Edm.DateTimeOffset in SAP CAP odata metadata




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I found the cause SAP CAP framework send the date 2024-05-23T00:00Z to SAP on-premise system But SAP on-premise system accepts date 2024-05-23T00:00 ( without Z) . So I removed the Z from the date before calling on -premise . Here is the sample code 


    this.on(["READ"], "TIMEENTRIES", async (req: any) => {
      let { where } = req.query.SELECT;
      if (Array.isArray(where)) {
        //Remove Z from the date string as it is not accepted in SAP on-premise system
        // Input 2024-05-23T00:00Z Output 2024-05-23T00:00
        where.forEach((row: any) => {
          if (typeof row === "object" && "val" in row && DateUtil.isDateValid(row.val)) {
            row.val = row.val.toString().replaceAll("Z", "");
      const timeCostEntry = await"ZTIMECOSTENTRY_SRV");