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Calculation After Aggregation checkbox

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I need to set a calculated key-figure as "calculate before aggregation", but the checkbox doesn't appears!!!

I have noticed that some calculated key-figures has this checkbox and some other doesn't. why?

What is the right standard approach to solve this problem (when you need the key figure to be calculated before or after the aggregation) ???

thanks for the help.


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Hi Mauricio,

This happens with BW3.x queries..

The CKF's which are even a little complex would not get the enhance feature , where you could decide when you would like to aggregate the records and how you would like to aggregate them and in reference with which characteristic. Also ther is a limitation that you can have only one reference characteristic currently , which many a time is not sufficient as a refernec characteristic.

If you wat the some aggregation to happen before OLAP aggregation , you would have to design it while loading, unfortunately.

I think, after aggregation is the result that you see in the query after aggregation by OLAP.

In BI7 you dont have this intermittient problem of not being able to define exception aggregation and reference characteristic.

However there is still a limitation of being able to reference only one characteristic at a time unfortunately.

Hope this helps,