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Calculate growth %

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Hello everybody,

I have a query where I have to calculate the growth between, let's say, 2006 training hours and 2005 training hours. If 2006 TH was 20 h., and 2005 TH was 11 h., growth would be 81,82%.

I can easily calculate that with two restricted key figures (one for each year) and using Percentage Variance in a formula (2005 % 2006). My problem is that I have to calculate the growth between many different KF's, so the final query looks like a mess to mantain (a total of 30+ restricted KF's and formulas), and is not as nice looking in excel as a regular query with its automatic totals.

Is there an easy way to do this? I have tried using the "Calculate result as variance" property, adding the year as a column and not restricting the ratios, but it doesn't seem to work (in this case result would be 40,5 which isn't the variance % between 2005 and 2006, or vice versa)

Thanks for any help,

-- Jose

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I dont think there is any other easy way to calculate variances between different columns

(Restricted key figures) other than by using the %.

"Calculate result as variance" wouldnt work as it is meant for different purpose.

Also even if you calculate using % or by any other means you will have your 30 + rest keyfigures and the % formulas .It will be the same number of columns finally

Usually we hide the some of restricted keyfigures which we dont like to display and look for few important variances which the end user is always interested.

Hope this Helps


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Thanks for the response.

Just as I expected, but I was hoping there was a workaround around this.