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CAL appliance usage query

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Greetings! We have deployed an appliance using CAL just for the ease of deployment. We are not using any functionalities of the solution provided in CAL. Instead, we are developing our own scenarios. Putting it again, we have deployed the appliance from CAL, just for the ease of deployment and to bring the application up and running quickly.

We do have a valid T & D license for the products installed. Our CAL trial is now over and the instance status is in 'Suspended'. Question is do we need a CAL subscription for even running such a scenario? We are not using the solution in CAL. We have valid GCP credits and SAP product license. Is CAL subscription required still? What is the way to proceed further here? Thanks!


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Hi Basker,

Yes, you need the CAL subscription. The main value of SAP CAL is not in the start/stop capability but in the content - the preinstalled and preconfigured solutions that you can get in less than an hour. Hence if the CAL solutions facilitate your business we expect to pay a monthly fee for them. If not, you have the option to download, install and configure the same SAP products manually.

Best regards,