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C++ Visual Studio Problems

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I am trying to use the SAP Scripting in my MFC

application. I imported the ActiveX Element and

generated a class for it, derivered from CWnd.

The generated class konsists of some methods,

that uses the GuiComponent/GuiComponentCollection

datatyps. But i have no idea, where i can find the

definitions for that datatyp. Anybody can help???

Also, I commented those Methods to still try the code

and it is working. See the code:

if(m_SAPGui.Create(NULL, NULL, WS_BORDER, rc, this, IDC_SAP_GUI, NULL))



VARIANT v1, v2;



disp = m_SAPGui.OpenConnectionByConnectionString(L"servername", v1, v2);


This starts a Connection to SAP, but now i have a

IDispatch and do not know how i can work with it.

how can I work with it?? Any documentations on that?

how can i the QueryInterface method???

I am really stucked and any help would be very very



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Mesut,

the documentation is available at

Best regards,


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thx for your post,

but that documentation is based on Visual basic.

That does not help me. But still i have resolved

my Problem....

The msdn article "How to create an automation project

using MFC and a type library" and the ole viewer

answered my problems...

still hx again!

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