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BYPASS_MEMBER_TASK not working for Attribute MXMEMBER_MX_PERSON while it is working for MXREF_MX_PRIVILEGE

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We are trying to delete privileges from user using the following code in the script using BYPASS_MEMBER_TASK


var tempvalue=task_property+PrivMskey;

var SetPrivToUser2 = uIS_SetValue(tempvalue,IDStore,"MXMEMBER_MX_PERSON",mskey2,"",2);

but this not working ,we are getting an error Entry doesnot exist attribute:MXMEMBER_MX_PERSON.

If we are trying to delete the privilege from ToIdentity store pass with the same concept of {D}{BYPASS_MEMBER_TASK=1} PrivMskey it's working fine.

We had raised a same thread fro Add privilege and it worked with {BYPASS_MEMBER_TASK=1} in the script and {A}{BYPASS_MEMBER_TASK=1} in the To IdentityStore pass.

Please find the screenshot of ToIdenity store pass and the error screenshot which we are recieving when we run the script containing




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dhiman,

Did you read the application help for the function uIS_setValue? The usage, syntax, example are very well explained in the Application help and IDM related documents. Below is advise to new SAP IDM consultants.

I'd also add that attending Training is pretty important as well.

IDM is not like other modules in it's architecture, implementation or design.  Attending formal training is a HUGE benefit.

While using uIS_SetValue, you need not mention {D} operator. The operation is controlled by AttrOperation parameter.

So your script should have,

uIS_SetValue(mskey, IDStore,MXREF_MX_PRIVILEGE,tempvalue,2);


mskey = user mskey

tempvalue = {BYPASS_MEMBER_TASK=1}PrivMskey

Kind regards,


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