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BWFI_AEDAT missing entries with extractor 0FI_GL_14

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Hello gurus,

I've been looking for an explanation for the following.

It seems that table BWFI_AEDAT is missing a lot of entries and we don't know the cause of this.

I've checked numerous documents and could only find that some documents of type AB are included in BWFI_AEDAT when it was changed (after it was created) and when it was reversed. A large number of documents weren't included.

The extraction is SAP standard; added some additional fields that is filled during the extraction (badi). Extractions are triggered from an external system (non-BW).

Haven't been able to find out the mechanism that maintains (inserting new entries) in table BWFI_AEDAT.

Does anyone have an idea what the cause is that certain documents are not recorded in BWFI_AEDAT?

Many thanks!

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Answers (2)

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Hello Bhavin Vyas,

Thank you for the info.

I've checked those notes already and that issue isn't the same as we have.

We're missing newly created documents. Changed documents do appear in table BWFI_AEDAT. Also, we don't use the other extractor 0FI_GL_4.

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Please see KBA - 1938533 - 0FI_GL_14: Delta mode: Changed and cleared documents are missing

1677951 - 0FI_GL_14: Missing cleared and changed documents in delta

As per KBA,

In addition to the DataSource 0FI_GL_14 (or the generated DataSource 3FI_GL_xx_SI), you also use precisely one of the following extractors in delta mode only:


When the initialization selections for one of these extractors are deleted, the BWFI_AEDAT entries necessary for the DataSource 0FI_GL_14 (or the generated DataSource 3FI_GL_xx_SI) are also deleted in the source system.

Hope it helps!


Bhavin Vyas