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BW3.5: Issue with data extraction : Missing message

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I have come across an interesting situation while loading text data for an info object from a xAPP into the BW System. Both the xAPP and BW system are in web as 6.40 and there is no issue here. I have loaded tons of master/text/transaction.

In this particular case the monitor detail logs looks like the following for the last action in the Monitor( Please focus on the last two lines)

Yellow : Processing(data packet) : Missing messages

==> yellow : Data packet 1(56 records) :Missing messages

==> green : Update PSA( 56 RECORDS poseted): No errors

==> green : Transfer Rules(56 -> 56 Records) No errors

==> green :Update Rules ( 56 -> 56 records) : No errors

==> Yellow rectangle ( in greyed out) Update ( 0 new/ 0 changed) : Missing messages

==> == Yellow rectangle ( in greyed out) processing end : Missing messages.

Clearly the data have been extracted but not updated in the target.. I can't debug as there is no update rule and no routine in the transfer rule, but 1:1 info object assignment.

can any body help?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Arunava,

Look in ST22 and SM21 t-codes if there are any dumps or errors.

Best regards,


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