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BW DataSource for Cash Management on SAP Simple Finance

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Hi All Experts,

In our project, we have installed SAP Simple Finance 1.0 add-on for SAP Business Suite on HANA which introduced plenty of new functionality especially on Finance Accounting and Cash Management.

The impact from Simple Finance is that, it seems existing standard data sources for Treasury - Cash Management don't work anymore, i.e. there is no transaction data. I believe it's because the change on source table inside SAP ERP.

We also already activated local BI contents on SAP ERP side (i.e. embedded BW) which allows reporting directly on top of SAP ERP Query. All data models here are VirtualProvider based on function modules. And data is there!

However, due to some limitation, we are not authorized to modify or customize those BW objects on SAP ERP. And meanwhile, we have got a requirement to extract Cash Management data from SAP ERP to dedicated SAP BW system (not direct reporting on SAP ERP). We encountered a problem that we cannot use the existing BI contents; and also cannot generate export data source from VirtualProvider in ERP to be used a source towards BW.

Is there any workaround or resolution to extract data from SAP ERP (Simple Finance installed) to SAP BW? Any suggest is appreciated. Thank you.



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if i understood this right you are willing to use some HANA Live views?

And you want to consume modified versions for these in the BW system?

I can find several links describing how to do so ....

But these urls describe the way to extend/enhance 'view like' views i think.
How 'function module' views should be extended is something i have not seen/read before.

If the functionmodules point to HANA Calculation VIews maybe ..?

I reply to this thread to find out how this should be handled.

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Hi Marco,

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, it is not HANA Live views.

When installing Simple Finance, there are additional steps to activate BI workbench (RSA1) on ERP, and installed BI contents on ERP as well.

That means there, on SAP, will be standard virtual providers which are based on function modules and can be accessed via RSA1. Standard BEx queries are also there.

But we won't modify those queries on SAP ECC side nor reporting directly on SAP ECC, as we need to actually extract data from SAP to BW for some purposes. Then we found that standard extractors related to Cash management don't work anymore.

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Do I understand this right that you need both the virtualproviders in ECC that you can access via RSA1 in the ECC system and the cash management extractors to get the data in BW?

I can imagine that because of Simple Finance you should use new/changed cash management extractors. On the internet i can find that this is a separate product....

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we are in the same kind of situation.

Did the other standard extractors (for ex plan actual from CO still work? 0CO_PLAN_ACT_DATA?)

thx for your reply,