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BW 7.4 Cannot Replicate 3.X Datasource

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Hi experts,

we are on BW 7.4 SP08.

we want to replicate a custom datasource in 3.5 version, but I can't choose the option "All as 3.x datasource ISFS" because it is disabled.

Any ideas how we can enabled the option?

Many thanks in advance.


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Answers (2)

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This is probably too late for you, Nadia, but I was able to solve the problem (which I encountered) and thought I would include in case others had the same problem.

After replicating the datasource in BW as a 7.x datasource, I went to transaction RSDS and entered the datasource.

I used menu path Datasource > Restore a 3.x Datasource where I selected "YES" for the pop up.


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I have the same issue. I tried to work around it by using the parameter specified in this OSS Message: 1885443 - Replication of Datasources.

From note:

You must enter the RSADMIN Parameter by running the program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN with transaction SE38, in the fields:


to use the new replication the field:


to use the standard replication:

VALUE = ' '

Sadly, BW went ahead and replicated all datasources as 7.x even using the old UI. I was expecting to be prompted similarly to how we would in 7.0 to 7.3 versions, but the system just went ahead and activated all datasources in 7.0 version.

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Solution was to maintain customizing view, RSADMINCV32. Set RSAWBN_HIDE_FUNC to a blank. This enabled the 3.x functionality.

EDIT: Again tried this for a new wave of datasources and even with the 3.x Datasource option selected, I was forced to import the datasources as RSDS. I give up. Looks like only option is to import as RSDS and then manually revert to ISFS datasrouce using transaction RSDS. Not ideal for an initial implementation, but it's taking too much time debugging to figure out which parameters need to be set. I just wish SAP would migrate all the old content to 7.x transformations, so this wouldn't be necessary.