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Button does not work

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I am creating my first BSP Application and I seem to have a similar - not the same -

problem as Manny Pacheco, who posted two weeks ago.

My problem is:

My BSP App has a Button-Element, which does not react by clicking it - sometimes.

That means, many times it works!

So I think my code is okay and it must have something to do with inactive services and javascript.

When it works and I turn on the debug mode the debugger stops.

When it does not work, no breakpoint is reached, so that I think no event is fired.

Okay, Manny wrote:

"... could see that the "htmlb_events_dictionary.js" service under the

"/public/bsp/sap/system" path was not active.  I executed SICF to activate this path and now everything

is working (the samples and my code)."

But using SICF I cannot find any service with named *.js

Can anybody help me?



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ICF is just a tree that is used to routing the request to a handler. I would recommend that you quickly read:

   BSP In-Depth: Writing an HTTP Handler


This text describes roughly how ICF works. So the first part of the URL is used to find the handler class, which will then use the next part of the URL to actually handle the request.

Thereafter, please read OSS note 517484. This lists the typical services that should be active. Especially you must activate two sets of nodes under /sap/public and under /sap/bc/bsp paths. This is described in above note.

Next: once you have pulled a specific file (for example htmlb_events_dictionary.js), it will also be written into both the browser and the server cache. So trying to read this file again, will NOT result in any ABAP coding been executed. Just must first flush browser cache, plus server cache (transaction SMICM; refer documentation).

Finally: When you enter an URL for /sap/public path, it is usual that this coding is not run under your own userid, but an anonymous user. This means that you must set the breakpoints for SAPSYS user, or force the GET to run under your user id with name and password in the URL (if you really want to debug it).


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Many thanks for your hints.

When I have found the error I will post it.


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the error seems to be fixed, but I cannot say how it was done.

I read the hints and OSS notes Brian posted above - but I didn't find anything looking wrong.

But since we installed some LCPs two weeks ago, the error did not appear anymore...

Strange and unsatisfying...