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Business content for 2LIS_03_BF extractor not available in BI System

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I want to implement inventory and for that I want to activate 0IC_C03 from 2LIS_03_BF.

extractor is activated and replicated in BI.

But when I choose the infocube with dataflow before and after, the transformation to the datasource just does not appear.

my BI_CONT in status is 7.

I check another client's system where BI_CONT is level 4 but there transformation tree is available to activate.

What is missing in my BI system?

Pl. help ASAP. Points will be given ...

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Answers (2)

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Maybe the reason is that:1)the version between DS and BW is not consistence;

2)the communication betwwen R3 and BW is not maintained well.

besides, I have made the same test in BW sandbox system which version is 7.0(but the version of R3 DS is 5.0), and it has the same trouble as you.

best wishes.

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Are you looking for the 3.x infosource? The you you need to activate is "Material movements (as of 2.0B)". This is not a 7.0 transformation. It is all 3.x content.

Also make sure when collecting the business content objects you have your source system (the one with the BF extractor) selected.