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BTP Global account- Access fails after deploying iflow

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1. Created a new Trial account successfully- includes all capabilities etc.

2. Navigated to discover integrations and copied over Integration patterns successfully.

3. Deployed a single pattern - got a message that its in progress, then it was deployed successfully.

4. Click on "explore our ecosystem" on top right of page and select BTP Cockpit.

5. I get an error - as below.

We couldn't find any global accounts associated with your user.

If you believe this is a mistake, contact your cloud operator.

NOTES : If i do not. have a global account, i should not be able to access Discover Integrations and copy them and deploy them.

I went back and checked the page again - logged out and did it all again, looks like an auth check is failing.

This is obviously an error as the check passed when

1. Logged in.

2. Viewed Integrations

3. Copied Integrations.

4. Deployed Integrations.

Failed when tried to view !!

This issue has been reported before as well with NO FIX.

Kindly Help, if there is content under, kindly post the actual fix here.

Thanks in Anticipation.



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Answers (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi ravi.raman2,

I believe this is somewhat related to the fact that you are using a trial account.

When you've logged in the trial account and created an Integration Suite tenant you will be able to always come back to the Cockpit to start it from the list of subscriptions. However, when you are on the tenant itself and click on a link that should open your cockpit, the tenant is not aware that you are running it via a trial. This particular link is not fully integrated (I believe - I am by no means associated with the development team of this service) with trial accounts URLs.

Since there is no difference with regards to the tenant itself and it is not aware of where it will be running, it is assumed that you will be going back to a productive BTP account. Hence, you are presented with a list of Global Accounts for witch you do have access to. On this list, there won't be any trial accounts as it is a completely different URL access.

If you have a Global Account where you can spin up a "Free-Tier" tenant of Integration Suite, then you will be able to see that this link will indeed get you back to your cockpit.

If you just have a trial account, then the best option would be to bookmark the cockpit URL and use it whenever you have to open the cockpit.

Hope this helps,