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BSP tableview iterator question

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Hi all experts,

I try to use iterator in my tableview in order to make

one of my column an URL link.

Here is some code section in RENDER_CELL_START method:

case p_column_key.

when 'URL'.

check m_row_ref->url is not initial.

create object col1_lnk.

col1_lnk->id = p_cell_id.

col1_lnk->tooltip = 'Open'.

col1_lnk->onclick = 'PartnerDetail'.

col1_lnk->text = 'Document Link'.

col1_lnk->reference = m_row_ref->url.

col1_lnk->target = '_blank'.

p_replacement_bee = col1_lnk.


The display is fine and link contains the right URL.

However the problem is that when I click on this

link, it won't launch a new window to show this document.

Nothing happens.

But I can right click on this link and choose OPEN from the context menu to launch it w/o any problem.

How can I make it launch a new window automatically to show the content whenever I click on a link?

Thank you very much,


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Answers (2)

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Please ignore this post

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Hi Bin,

You can use HTMLB Link in your RENDER_CELL_START method.


 p_replacement_bee = cl_htmlb_link=>factory(  id    = p_cell_id
reference= ''
text      = 'YAHOO'
target = '_new' ).

Hope this helps,